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From Gaming to Air Traffic: Skyguide eSports Challenge Earns Silver at Swiss Web Awards

We’re thrilled to extend our congratulations to BlueGlass | Team Farner for 2x silver at the Best of Swiss Web Awards with their “Guardian of the Sky” campaign! 🎉

We had the pleasure of contributing to the “Skyguide eSports Challenge,” where we filmed for three days. Two of those days were spent in Bern at the erupt Lounge, while the third took us to the air traffic control simulator in Dübendorf.

The challenge was ingeniously devised to address the critical issue of staff shortage in air traffic control. Leveraging the lightning-fast reflexes and excellent communication skills inherent in gaming, the eSports team mYinsanity partnered with skyguide. Together, they pitted air traffic controllers against eSports professionals in a series of thrilling challenges. Imagine air traffic controllers trying their hand at gaming against eSports experts, while the latter took control of air traffic in Skyguide’s sophisticated simulator.

Witnessing the inner workings of this endeavor was nothing short of awe-inspiring for us. Our videographer, Gianluca Scarciolla, was particularly enthralled by the behind-the-scenes glimpse into air traffic control training. 😍

Find out more about the campagin:

Oh, so you’re an esports athlete? Why not try air traffic control ✈️? skyguide esports guardianofthesky

♬ Originalton – Skyguide – Skyguide

What happens when esports athletes🎮 try air traffic control ✈️?

♬ Originalton – Skyguide – Skyguide

Time for a real challenge: the simulator tower. Are esports athletes 🎮 good at controlling air traffic ✈️? skyguide esports guardianofthesky

♬ Originalton – Skyguide – Skyguide

Esports athlete meets ATCO! What does it take to be an ATCO ✈️? And when does a gamer turn into an esports athlete 🎮? skyguide esports guardianofthesky

♬ Originalton – Skyguide – Skyguide

What skills are important for an esports athlete 🎮 and an ATCO ✈️? #skyguide #esports #guardianofthesky

♬ Originalton – Skyguide