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We are ENY.PRD, an ambitious marketing agency based in Zurich, Switzerland. We offer services in photography, videography, marketing, social media, and SEO, providing clients with a full-service solution for their marketing needs.


Anja C. Kuhn

Co-Funder / CEO

Gianluca Luu Scarciolla

Co-Founder / CTO

Jasmin Ledermann

Co-Founder / CCO

STORY ENY.PRD has existed as a sole proprietorship since August 2017 and was registered as an LLC/GmbH in March 2022.

Anja and Luu started out in 2017 as Photo and Videographers under the name ENY.PRD, doing anything they could get their hands on. Music Videos, YouTube Productions, Concert Photography… you name it.

Jasmin joined in 2020 until then she was working under her name. – Jasmin already knew, when it came to looking for a job as a photographer, that one day she would be self-employed.

And that with none other than Anja, the person from whom she was allowed to discover the love of photography, it was pretty obvious she’d join ENY.PRD – probably at the right time (in retrospect).

The switch from sole proprietorship to LLC/GmbH was planned for April 2020. Due to the pandemic and the resulting uncertain economic situation, we had to give ourselves time to rethink our services, build a new customer base and postponed the registration as an LLC/GmbH to “sometime in the future”.

We are excited to announce that Yves has joined our team as a Business Developer and Consultant, the newest member of our growing team. Yves brings a wealth of experience and expertise in the field of business development and consulting, and we are confident that his addition to our team will help us better serve our clients.

In February 2022 the decision was made to start the registration process – “it’s now or never”. In the meantime we built up a new customer base, our services are aimed to supply and support businesses with ENYthing they need in photography and videography services. WE WERE READY!

And with everything we learned, confidence and.. A bit of fear, we started the process. One month later, it was reality. March 2022 is ENY.PRD LLC/GmbH’s official “birthday”. Please, do not hesitate to send us birthday cards 😉

With the registration came a new and exciting time for us -In September 2022 we moved into our studio, of course we’re super happy about that.

We end the year 2022 with memories of extremely cool jobs, new customers & many brilliant projects that are waiting for us in 2023!